Donell Woodson

Donell Woodson is an urban community developer in the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic District. Through his work as a planner in Sweet Auburn, Mr. Woodson seeks to preserve, restore and develop the district, with Dr. King’s philosophy of the “Beloved Community” as a guiding principle.

Mr. Woodson attended the University of Virginia, where he met his wife, Evonne. In 2007, he became the first African American collegiate pastor at the university through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. While at UVa, Mr. Woodson’s deep passion for the community as well as cultural and spiritual unity forged a bond between minority students and grounds ministries that continues to flourish today.

The hope of restoring Dr. King’s Sweet Auburn while living out his personal faith values challenges, excites and authenticates Mr. Woodson’s commitment to this work.