Our Team

Headshot of Chenee Joseph

Cheneé Joseph

Executive Director

Cheneé Joseph is the Executive Director of the Historic District Development Corporation (HDDC) and theVice Chair of the Beltline Affordable Housing Advisory Board (BAHAB). The BAHAB provides guidance to Invest Atlanta and the City of Atlanta on the goals and policies related to the use of the BeltLine Affordable Housing Trust Fund and monitors the location and availability of affordable housing throughout the BeltLine.

Prior to these roles, Ms. Joseph served as senior manager at the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) and project consultant at Draper & Associates, where she managed budgets and schedules for various capital improvements and demolition projects totaling $17 million in the AHA’s portfolio.

Ms. Joseph received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Georgia State University and her master’s degree in building construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is committed to using her expertise and experience in real estate and construction to help revitalize the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic District, block-by-block, to its former glory.

Headshot of Ron Kirkpatrick

Ron Kirkpatrick

Real Estate Development Project Manager

Ron brings over 30 years of commercial and residential real estate development and business operations experience. Specifically, Mr. Kirkpatrick’s experience has encompassed developing hotels, affordable housing, apartment complexes, subdivisions, office buildings, retail shopping centers, senior living and mixed-use projects. Mr. Kirkpatrick has actively been involved in developing properties for various organizations since his graduation from the University of Memphis. Mr. Kirkpatrick holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management with a Minor Degree in Real Estate.

Melody Glynn

Program Analyst

Melody works with our team on all real estate development projects. Melody is a Georgia State University graduate with a BA in Geosciences with Concentration in Urban Studies. Most recently she was employed with Studio H Architecture firm where she conducted preliminary research of sites as it pertains to current community programs and plans for urban design projects.

Terrence Davis

Facilities Manager

Terrence oversees the maintenance of Haugabrooks and of our vacant properties. He also provides support to our commercial sites. Mr. Davis comes to us with several years of hotel and event operations experience, including the Courtyard Marriott in Albany, Georgia.

Renee Adams

Operations Manager

Renee is responsible for overseeing the day to day interactions related to administrative and operational responsibilities. Ms. Adams also serves as the human resources point of contact for HDDC staff and works with our accounting consultant to ensure clear communication with account payables and receivables. Renee comes to us with several years of non-profit, human resources and operations experience and has already proven to be a value add to the team.

Nasim Fluker, Thrd Space


Nasim works with us to solidify internal communications infrastructure including brand, strategy, social media plan and launch, and completing our annual report. She also developed and maintains a consistent community-facing presence of HDDC through creative placemaking experiences and documenting/storytelling through a quarterly newsletter.

Marshall Jones

Accounting Consultants

Marshall Jones brings experience in nonprofit and real estate experience in their services. Marshall Jones will be introducing some new technology into HDDC’s financial management to help streamline some of our processes and create bespoke reporting that will be able to help us run the organization more effectively.

Denise Lawrence


Denise supports HDDC as a resource development consultant focusing on grant writing and building key philanthropic partnerships.

1025 Advisors

Legal Counsel

1025 Advisors provide legal counsel for various real estate projects, key partnerships for financing and development, and the implementation of programs for the organization.

Brad Kishishita


Brad supports the organization through assisting the real estate team in obtaining financing for various development projects.