Sweet Auburn Green & Equitable (SAGE) District

What is Sweet Auburn Green & Equitable (SAGE) District?

SAGE is envisioned as a coordinated and holistic strategy to drive sustainable redevelopment and investment in our neighborhood to benefit all stakeholders and residents along the Sweet Auburn corridor.

  • A coordinated and holistic strategy to guide desired investment outcomes for our neighborhood.
  • HDDC is convening stakeholders to create an extensive, multi-year development plan based on data driven outcomes.
  • The Sweet Auburn Green & Equitable District will be Atlanta’s premier “equity-district,” creating a socially impactful ecosystem for the transitional neighborhood.

The objective of this development plan encompasses potential solutions to combat these issues.

SAGE Theory of Change


Sweet Auburn’s dichotomous pattern of redevelopment is unsustainable, driving pockets of wealth and poverty, both in terms of race, income and the built environment. Lacking a significant district-wide intervention, development pressures on all sides of the district will accelerate the erosion of the historic fabric, replacing it with gentrification.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Partners are able to leverage and develop their space to the highest and best use
  • Residents receive job training, boost local economy, and build wealth through business development and access to property ownership
  • Residents and businesses are not displaced

Core Components of SAGE

Community Engagement

•  Stronger communal partnerships between stakeholders, residents, and business owners
•  Inclusive development process

Affordable Housing

•  Increase sustainable, affordable housing stock
•  Diverse housing options

Urban Agriculture

•  Access to fresh local produce for residents and business owners  •  Educational opportunity for residents

Community Wealth Building

•  Job creation  •  Innovative financial tools to promote redevelopment  •  Access to opportunities spurred by upcoming development projects

Green Economy

•. Promotion of health, wealth, and well-being
•  Wealth building opportunity for low-income residents

Energy Efficiency

•  Reduce energy burden within low-income households

Sweet Auburn Historic District | Development Projects

The Future In Focus

This is the right time and the right place for SAGE. The Pandemic and the worldwide protests following several high-profile police killings have brought systematic racial and economic inequities to the forefront. Political will is growing to address such issues in new ways. HDDC and our partners have a long history in the community of working to create a better world for its residents. The Sweet Auburn area is home to many non-profit and institutional partners working for the same goals. Sweet Auburn Works and Central Atlanta Progress have joined HDDC for the planning process. The SAGE footprint includes Grady Hospital and Georgia State University, both of which have public health initiatives aligning with SAGE’s goals.

Foundational work around the vision has been supported by the Eastside TAD Technical Assistance Program and Urban Land Institute’s 2021 m-TAP or technical assistance program. Students at Georgia Tech are helping research certifications and metrics SAGE can use to highlight and measure the sustainability work beyond traditional frameworks such as Earthcraft Certification.

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